Janet Wright

At Seaforth we have several trained coaches (both men and women). Their role is firstly to show new bowlers how to bowl, and then to bring them to a level of skill that enables them to join other club members in a game.

Usually one hour lessons are given to new bowlers as an introduction to the many facets of the sport.

Unlike in most sports all coaching is free.

Once a bowler is playing regularly our coaches are on hand (if requested) to assist bowlers in correcting any problems. As years go by some find bending becomes difficult due to joint problems. Our coaches have special training to show bowlers new stances and in can introduce them to bowling aids so they can continue to play and enjoy the game.

Each year our coaches conduct advanced courses to enable bowlers to learn special skills. These are valuable for players wanting to play in the inter-club competitions commonly referred to as “Pennants”

Seeking the assistance of our coaching staff should never be embarrassing. Even the Australian Bowls team has a full time coach to help their bowlers to continually improve their skills.

New Bowlers are always made most welcome. Bowls can be provided during this coaching period. To find out more details about our club and our coaching times, please ring (02) 9948 1119.


Click here to see file containing some simple tips and Exercises for Lawn Bowls. These can help with safety and fitness in the Game of Lawn Bowls.